The changes within the purchase process and the buying behavior have now come to the B2B segment. Up to 60% of the B2B buying journey is happening on-line. Your customers have more and more information and competence before they finally contact a salesperson to have a direct dialogue. 


To succeed in the marketplace today, integration of the marketing and sales operation is cruical.  

We help your company to build bridges between marketing and sales laying the foundation for more leads and more business. We are specialists in B2B sales and marketing - having the business knowledge, the technical understanding and broad experience from international marketing, sales and business development. 

Operational transformation

Building and implementing new capabilities for an increased brand and sales performance in a complex environment is about changing behavior and to achieve a sustainable transformation. The key is to form a culture that supports the outlined strategy, so the right gaps are filled.

How do you define a sales culture? There are many definitions.  But the best definitions include things like beliefs, practices, ways of doing things, ways of selling, values, common behaviors, habits and disciplines. Two principals we always include in our work are proactivity and value based, two fundamental guiding principlas for success. Developing a sales culture is a long-term process and you must constantly challenge your definition. 

Inbound Marketing

60% of the customer´s buying journey is happening on-line. Inbound Marketing is about catching the buyers interest early in the buying process with relevant value added content. We can support you to build your Inbound Marketing plan and set up your first campaigns.

Marketing and Sales integration

Increase long-term growth through improved marketing and sales work. It is about finding the right mix between digital, automated and human customer interaction.

Marketing and sales teams should go hand in hand as one operation in order to attract, inform, win and retain customers.  We support you to integrate your marketing and sales activity by setting up common goals, plans, content and how to cooperate to reach the goals.


Our role is to manage the process based on the developed and decided transformation plan. The result and the agreed milestones are monitored. If there are deviations, corrective actions will be proposed. The customer is responsible for the execution, we deliver advise and activities to create results.