Marketing and Sales Strategy

The constantly changing business landscape and the ongoing digitalization require new visions and new ways of thinking and working. To build good customer relations and create successful business in this new era you need an integrated marketing and sales strategy and operations, common goals and plans and clear company values.  

Marketing and Sales Assessement

Assessment of the marketing and sales function is the base  for finding existing gaps and input to a propsal for transformation. The assessment is tailored to the specific customers. The methodology is based on interviews with management, marketing and sales staff as well as with customers, partners and other key stakeholders. Findings and data are discussed and elaborated in workshops with selected stakeholders in the customer organization.


The starting point is always to agree on the current situation and defining the specific questions to be answered. This is done in close dialogue with the customer. The questions guide which data to be collected and analyzed. The interpretation of data results in market insights, used for decision making to transform and improve the business.

Integrated Marketing and
Sales Strategy 
Marketing & Sales Plan 

To build good customer relations and succeseed in the new digital era your marketing and sales operations need to work together towards common goals. Together with the customer we create a proactive and value-based Marketing and Sales Strategy. This includes development of workflows, efficient and effective processes. We agree on the gaps and the way to bridge them. Based on our insights, experiences,  tools and methodologies we build a platform for sustainable growth.

Based on the assesment, analysis and strategy we support you to develop your integrated marketing and sales plan. Including common goals, focus areas, definition of prodcuct & serices value popositions, marketing and sales pipeline, selection of inbound marketing campaigns and channels. The plan can also serve as a base for your future planning.