Our approach

Create. Execute. Transform.

We help customers to transform marketing and sales to successfully grow their business. We create customized solutions and platforms to be implemented and executed by our customers.


We have a holistic approach to marketing and sales based on a broad spectrum of competencies: competitive analysis, business intelligence, marketing, sales and finance.


In every project we give our customer extra value by leverage the broad spectrum of our competencies.




Assessment of the marketing and sales function is the base of a transformation project. The assessment is tailored to the specific customers. The methodology is based on interviews with management, marketing and sales staff as well as with customers, partners and other key stakeholders. Findings and data are discussed and elaborated in workshops with selected stakeholders in the customer organization.


Building and implementing new capabilities for an increased brand and sales performance in a complex environment is about changing behavior and to achieve a sustainable transformation. The key is to form a culture that supports the outlined strategy, so the right gaps are filled.


The starting point is always to agree on the current situation and defining the specific questions to be answered. This is done in close dialogue with the customer. The questions guide which data to be collected and analyzed. The interpretation of data results in market insights, used for decision making to transform and improve the business.


The role is to manage the process based on the developed and decided transformation plan. The result and the agreed milestones are monitored. If there are deviations, corrective actions will be proposed. The customer is responsible for the execution, Conpleo delivers advise and activities to create results.


As a Service

Managed services of marketing and/or sales can benefit companies providing a core competency in areas they are unmatured and are missing capabilities. The increasing complexity for enterprises impacts the need of access to new competences and experiences.


New markets entry: Sales Operations for new markets or expanding territories.

Project: A specific complex sales engagement project is performed based on agreed milestones.

Complex Sales Operation: Based on agent model or other arrangements the sales operation is handled for the customer within defined territory or market segment.

Build Operate and Transfer: Creation and establishment of a new sales organization with the specific defined criteria’s, the organization will be operated on behalf of the client and after agreed time it will be handed over.



Market Insights as a Service: Continuous industry updates for increased knowledge and new perspectives.


Strategic marketing platform: Brand, vision, content platform and overall communication concept.

PR and Media strategy:  Social and traditional media

Positioning and messaging: For a specific market or segment.

Marketing and activity plan

Optimize digital and traditional marketing.

Content Creation 

Market Automation

IR Communications: Plan, messaging and content creation for annual reports, interim reports, AGM capitial market days presentations


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