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Maybe you need to scale-up your marketing and sales activities to meet the expected targets for the coming years. Entering new markets and territories can be very challenging. What can you do to avoid failure or exposure to high risks?

The successful initiatives start normally with an analysis, for example market trends, competition and customer segments and buying behavior. When the first work is done you can start to build the Market and Sales strategy and the platform for expansion and growth. You also need to develop a sales workflow that supports the customers buying process. With that, you can help the customers through their purchase process. A workflow will as well make the sales more predictive and accurate. And this workflow needs to be integrated with the marketing workflow.

When the platform is ready you have built the foundation and can start with the market entry activities including establish the selected go-to-market model. Make sure the strategy can be executed and you have access to operational experienced resources to help you to build a sustainable business.