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A recent study by McKinsey & Company *) shows how B2B companies has moved (or been forced to) to the digital world in their buying processes. 75% of buyers and sellers prefer doing business digitally and remote human. Reasons are safety and that self-service and remote interactions makes it easier and faster for the buyers. We have discussed in our team how to help sellers (and buyers) in the adaption into the next normal customer buying process, when the majority of the buying takes place without being in contact with any vendor until late in the process.

The new digital era is for sure an opportunity, but what is really new? You still have the same challenges to be successful – the “only” difference is less physical face-to-face contacts. When the buying process is becoming more digital, how can you be considered relevant and attractive to the buyer?

What does it mean? In the new digital era, it means the importance of a totally integrated marketing & sales organization understanding the digital opportunity, supported by workflows that drives a proactive and value-based way to operate is key for success.

*) These eight charts show how COVID-19 has changed B2B sales forever, Oct 14, 2020 Article by Arnau Bages-Amat, Liz Harrison, Dennis Spillecke and Jennifer Stanley