• Eric Lundgren

No matter if your company is established a new start-up or a scale-up all have their unique challenges. Increasing globalization, digitalization and new buying behavior are examples of area causing challenges from the external market companies are targeting. Internal sales challenges can vary radically from organization to organization depending on its size, maturity, processes, sales strategy, and culture etc.

How can companies increase competitive advantages and shape the sales performance in an increasingly competitive world?

When you have insight that change of the current sales operation is needed or you need to quickly ramp up with B2B sales experiences and resources it can be easy to recognize that it can be beneficial to extend your team with certain sales and marketing professionals.

An experiences partner can help you to operate your sales and marketing functions in your best interest and help you to achieve growth.

When you choose a trusted partner for assistance and an extension of your make sure you get answers to some critical factors:

  • Competence: Is the sales experience relevant and up to date for your specific situation e.g. operational background in B2B or Start-up markets?

  • Marketing and Sales integration: How will synergies between Marketing and Sales be improved?

  • Flexibility: Can the services be scaled up and down based on market development?

  • Cost advantage: Will the cost be variable or fixed, and can a gain-share model apply?

  • Processes & tools: Can the investment in current sales process and tools be utilized and improved?

  • Innovation: The business landscape is rapidly changing; how will new requirements be included in the services?

  • Governance: How will the sales operation be measured and controlled?

  • Flexibility: Can the services be scaled up and down based on market development?

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