• Magnus Karlsson


What is a typical view of the characteristics of a salesperson:

- the lonely wolf?

- the alligator (big mouth, small ears)?

- intuition rather structure?

Sales today is completely different as the buyers’ behaviours are changing. Research today states that customers values the buying experience even higher than the delivery experience.

This is the starting point at Conpleo and it has formed our approach to help companies shape their brand and sales performance. We see 4 main areas to address in order to become successful.

1. Sales is a teamwork with a strong cooperation with marketing, working as a truly integrated team.

2. To be relevant, you need insights from a competitive intelligence to be able to discuss your customers challenges and accordingly discuss solutions and values.

3. You need a sales workflow that maps the customers buying process and helps the customers through their purchase.

4. Finally, sales control to plan and follow up the business – both the revenue numbers but - even more important – the pipeline


Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to describe how we can assist you building a platform that can help you shape your brand and sales performance.