Assess and evaluate how your company is applying its know-how in the marketplace.

There can be a number of reasons why your company isn’t growing as it should long-term.


The goal is to gain new insights into how to improve growth by improving marketing and sales.

Six questions to ask for long-term:

Do you foresee enough sales for long-term growth?

Chances are you will achieve your sales quota for the year. However, ensuring long-term growth means analyzing your business for several years to come. Depending on your industry and its sales cycles – probably complex B2B deals – a sale can take months, even years

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# 2

Are you growing faster or slower than the market?

To determine if your growth rate is good or not, you must be familiar with your market. How big is the potential market and how fast is it growing?

# 3

Does your company sell a product or a solution?

Are you selling an innovation and/or a high-tech product? Is it a system or a solution? Perhaps you give away things for free which the customer is willing to pay for? It is essential to define your offering and put the right value to secure that you maximize your sales and margins. To define your offering is also about being clear what added services you are offering.

Is your company communication based on the market and customer needs?

All too often, a company’s communication is about the company itself, its history, organisational structure and its products. This type of communication is from the inside out when instead it should be based on the needs of the customer.

# 4

# 5

Do you have a balanced mix of marketing and sales resources to reach potential customers?

The best mix of marketing and sales resources can vary from industry to industry. New purchasing behaviour means that much of the buying experience is digital and the customer approaches the market without any kind of personal contact with the company or its salespeople.

# 6

Are you creating a positive buying experience for the customer?

Research shows that the buying experience is becoming increasingly important for a company’s overall reputation. The customer rates not only delivery versus expectations, but the entire buying experience, even the actual sales process. How do guarantee customer satisfaction?

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