How to succeed with the implementation of  
an integrated CRM and Marketing Automation system!
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The B2B customer's changing buying behavior combined with the rapid development of market and sales technologies and tools places completely new demands on your marketing and sales organization and the way they work. At the same time, the internal requirements for analysis and follow-up have increased.


All in all, this means that marketers and sellers must have both more technical and analytical expertise as well as access to more digital tools, than they have had traditionally, to meet these challenges and requirements. Implementing and using a modern and well-functioning CRM and Marketing Automation tool can be the difference between you and the competitor, between success and defeat.


However, an integrated CRM and MA system is not a ready-to-use solution with an on/off button, which can give results as soon as it is started. In our guide, we will walk you through 7 concrete areas with tips on how to succeed with implementation, get started quickly and get an efficient use of your tool.

eme part of your long-term strategy.

7 Implementation areas

1.  Define purpose and goals

2.  Anchor within management team 

3.  Create a project divided into phases

4.  Set up KPI´s

5.  Define processes and ways of working

6.  Produce value added content

7.  Automate activities and work flows

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