With our holistic approach and broad competence we can give you the right support to accelerate your business and increase short-term revenues. 

Now that you are busy starting up work for the new year, it’s a good time to ensure your marketing and sales operations is up to date with the B2B customers new digital buying-journey. ​ 

Experience and research show that you can secure your "win rate" by reviewing important parameters in your current business. The impact could be a nice increase in real-time sales and revenue by 10 to 20%.  


We can support you to identify these essential improvement areas and measurements needed to generate more leads, increase hit rate and accelerate sale in 2021. While at the same time, we make sure these areas and measurements will become part of your long-term strategy.

Sell more to existing customers

Package products and services to better meet customer needs. 

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Create recuring revenue streams 

Convert one-time revenue to ongoing revenue through new business models and new packaging for the strategic products and services.

Increase hit rate through  pipeline management

Validate and analysis our pipeline to be able to focus on the most realistic business opportunities and enable both faster sales and increased the hit rate. 

Optimize sales channels

Increase the efficiency of your "Go to Market" model through, for example, more  resources to serve customers, clarify the roles in both sales and marketing or establish new channels through, for example, distributors

Create lead-generating campaigns

Reach potential customers as early as possible in the buying journey with interesting and value-creating content, with the goal of converting them into qualified "leads"  and sales.

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