Content Plan 
Inbound Marketing  
Account Based Marketing 
Value Proposition  

The key to a strong value proposition is to start with your customers' needs and challenges. By making it clear what challenges you help them solve and how you add value, rather than just talking about your company's products and services. With a clear Value Proposition you will increase the chance of reaching and convincing the person you want to influence. 

Digital Marketing 

B2B customer's new buying behavior places completely new demands on your digital marketing. We help you to choose the right tools and channels to spread your content and make it available to potential buyers. By optimizing your mix of channels such as social media, email, LinkedIn, google ads, website, SEO and other websites, you increase the company's chances of getting more interested visitors, qualified leads and business.

Inbound Marketing 

With Inbound Marketing, you will attract and capture new prospects by using inspiring and value-added content early in their digital buying journey.
Through the web and other digital and social channels, you guide them to a decision by offering your knowledge and experience throughout the buying process. Thus, building trust in your business, increasing traffic to your website, converting leads and giving you more customers. 

Content Marketing

A clear content strategy and editorial plan ensures development of content that interests, inspires and engages potential customers
and helps them find the right solutions to their challenges.
Based on your company's customer insights and value proposition, we can support you in creating a message platform and editorial plan and helping you produce the content itself.  

Marketing Automation

Using an integrated CRM and Marketing Automation system increases both efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. Marketing and Sales will be able to use ONE prospect database, work together to categorize leads and perform automated lead generation campaigns. We can support you to take the next step towards marketing automation.

Account Based Marketing

You can use Account-based marketing a go-to-market strategy targeting certain accounts with a synchronized, continuous set of marketing and sales activities. ABM activities engage those accounts and individuals through all stages of the buying journey.

Pipeline growth

Every business has a sales cycle, which is a series of tasks that supports the customers buying journey and helps a company’s product reach its users.Therefore, having a sales pipeline will make it easier to maneuver these deals to completion. When salespersons can see their progress or their activities, they will be motivated to do more work and conquer more challenges.  

An accurate and realstic Pipeline is a tool for the Management to prioritize and control the activities and gain increased efficiency, effectiveness and growth.

New revenue

By adopting an outside-in view on how trends, markets and market players develop and impact the own company, decision makers can take better decisions, faster than competition. What to sell, to whom, on which markets, through which channels and capture new revenue streams.

Value based sales

Two principals we always include in our work are proactivity and value based, two fundamental guiding principles for success. In todays new business landscape these principles are key to become and stay attractive. They also will improve your win-rate and profitability.

Sales productivity

The B2B selling space is becoming increasingly focused on improving productivity to exceed sales targets. It is important to understand that there are two different forces at work that influence the productivity of your sales team, efficency and effectiveness. Sales productivity is the end result of efficency and effectiveness. If you are able to improve efficiency (do things right) and sales effectiveness (do the right things), productivity unavoidably goes up. 

Sales channels & GTM

To be successful in building and developing a model that includes both direct and indirect sales requires a lot of insights. An important crucial issue is to create the value propositions that provides benefits for your partner and the end customer. Minimizing channel conflicts and well-tailored partner agreements are other important areas to focus on. With an adopted Go-To-Market strategy you can grow your business faster.

Sales controlling and operations

Professional sales controlling aims to bring clarity to the sales performance without ‘controlling’ it in the literal sense. It identifies strengths and weaknesses in sales and therefore acts as enabler for concrete actions. But there are a few things that need to be dealt with before sales controlling can take full effect. The sales process requires a clear structure, and there needs to be a suitable sales tool in place to support operative sales.




There can be several reasons why your company is not growing as it should. You may be aware that you need to enhance the efficiency and the impact of your marketing and sales operations, but you just may not have the time, resources or competence to do it.  

With our holistic approach and broad competence we can give you the right support to accelerate your business and increase short-term revenues. We also make assure that the short-term measurements and improvements forms a part of your long-term strategy.